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Changed ins companies the day of the accident: Total loss Now

by Velma

Have a friend who had a car accident. she thinks the car is totaled. on the day of the accident she switched auto insurances.

She was told by the new insurance company that it was effective as soon as she signed, she also understands that the other insurance coverage did not expire until midnight (accident was in evening).

What insurance company would be responsible for her car???also, does/can she file with both companies??


Hello Velma,

Well, it is going to depend on when the new insurance become effective. If the policy (not the agent) says that the policy is effective upon signing then there is a possibility that she would be double insured. This means that BOTH insurance companies need to conduct an investigation and determine who pays the claim.

If one insurance company runs out of coverage (because of limits) then the other insurance company will become effective and pay its excess.

Can she file a claim with both? She she can and she should. Getting both adjuster to an investigation and getting this sort out as quickly as possible is very important to get the car back in the road.

Good Luck,

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