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Child in truck bed - accident

by Raven

My daughter is 12 and was in the bed of a truck with her best friend without my permission with her grandfather driving while in town.

Another truck ran a red light and hit the rear end spinning the truck my daughter was in she hit the tailgate with her head then flew into the back windshield she was kncocked out and her friend woke her up she was in pain the neck, back and head they braced her and sent her in an ambulance to the hospital.

She was crying in pain the whole time then they cat scanned and said they didnt see anything she has been having headaches and her back hurts a lot and she says she has nightmares she's being thrown out of the truck again.

The driver that hit her is paying for the med bills and the ins lady said today she is handling the bodily injury also for me what does she mean we live in ky?


Hello Raven,

What it means is that your daughter has a claim for general damages (pain and suffering, in addition to the medical expenses and caused incurred). Thus, the insurance company will be talking about settling with you. This adjuster will be handling that portion also.

Please see these articles regarding the possible damages she will be entitled to.

Good Luck,

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