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Claim and hit and run

by Chin

Few days back my neighbor came and says that my wife hit and run her car while backing up. Also she says that there is an eye-witness (might be another neighbor).

My wife is unaware of any hitting or such things. So neighbor went to file a police report. Police came and took our insurance and other details.

Now neighbor filed a claim report against us for damage to our insurance company.

Now we dont know what an eye-witness reported or what is being reported to my insurance company. My insurance company is sending adjuster to check the car for claim which I haven't filed.

Please advise us what we should do in this case. We haven;t hit the other car.

Thanks in advance.



Hello Chin,

You have to stick to your guns. Make it clear to your adjuster that your wife did not cause an accident. She will have to explain that she did not cause the accident and that there is no damage to her car that could have reasonable result in damages to the other vehicle.

You need to be careful about the eye witness. Who is this witness? Are they just a friend or is it really a disinterested party? Make sure the adjuster address this. You do not want to be framed for something you did not do.

Putting you adjuster in notice of the dispute and that your wife did not cause the accident is the first step.

Good Luck,

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