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Claim Coverage

by Tyson

I had a friend of mine do some routine maintenance on my vehicle. My friend also worked at a local auto parts store and that is how I came to meet him.

My dodge truck had 160,000 miles on it at the time and had never missed any of the manufacturer suggested scheduled maintenance.

My truck was worked on for over a week and when I received it back I was in complete shock.

The front bumper was smashed in, my windshield cracked, damage to the rear wheel wells, interior door panels, and come to find out a hose he replaced on the radiator was not the right size and had caused the engine to overheat and warp the heads.

I have not be able to find this guy as he has skipped town. Now after reporting this obvious act of vandalism to my insurance company they covered everything but the engine damage. If they are going to cover any of it shouldn't they cover it all?


Boy Tyson, sorry to hear this.

Well, if you have full coverage you can argue that the truck was stolen. If you lend it or gave it to him to fix it and he damaged it or like you said, did act of vandalism to it, then he went beyond the scope of permission, making it stolen.

It is very possible that the insurance company covers everything, including the engine. They would probably total the truck. They will probably take a long time on this one making sure everything about your claim is legitimate.

Depending on the language of your policy, they could deny the claim. But again, it depends in your actual policy. Visit for more info if you truck is totaled.

Good Luck
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