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by Lorena

I have a full coverage insurance policy with a company that is in litigation itself and have changed there name in this case, my problem is that my son who is 39 yrs old had an accident in my car and he claims that the car was stolen from him at a service station with the keys in the car, as he went in to buy gas, it was 5:30 in the morning,

he thinking it was safe to run in and right out, someone took the car crashed it lest than a block away, the car was totaled, the officer at the scene called me and advised me of the wreck, no other details, my adjuster says that the officer should have noted in his report that the car was stolen, and asked me to go to our service center, locate the officer and inquire why this is not in his report, and told me that he will just have to claim hit an run and my son as the driver,

There is no way that my son was driving my son is a heart patient did not have one scratch on him no glass no blood, that motor was in the front seat of my car, air bags deployed, that happened feb.16 2009 it is now april 18 i am at a lost i need a car to do my job. someone please help me with this, and advise me if i need an atty.this was a 2 car crash with an injury.


Hello Lorena,

You do need an attorney. You can check online or in the phonebook for one in your area. The insurance company is not convinced that your son was not driving and therefore they have to show that he was not (the burden to show no coverage is on the insurance company).

If the insurance company does not want to listen to your reasons, you need an attorney.

Good Luck

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