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Claim with Allstate – Bad Insurance Company

by Stephen

FYI, my wife and I are insured with State Farm. My wife was in an accident on 2/12, rear ended by another person.

A police report was filed, and it shows she was not in fault and the other driver was at fault.

However, the other person was driving a vehicle whom is owned by someone else and insured by Allstate. Presently, we filed a claim with Allstate by the 15th, forwarded them the police report, and we are still waiting for the other party to give a statement. Allstate says they have tried to reach them, but they are not returning calls. Until then, we are left with a damaged vehicle. What can we do?


Hi Stephen

This is probably one of the biggest problems with insurance companies out there, they won't make a decision until they talk to their clients.

In their defense, they are legally required to do this. If you are in a car accident, and you don't feel is your fault, or you did not even know that your vehicle was in an accident, would you like your insurance company just paying out to any one claiming that you hit them.

When there is a police report, things should speed up. Most states allow/require the insurance company to take up to 30 days to try to reach their own client. After the 30 days, either they make a decision or IF INFORMATION IS NOT CLEAR, they must send you a letter telling you why they cannot make a decision.

This is clearly unfair to the victims of accidents who must wait until the person that hit them decides to answer the phone. You are left with one decision, you can make a claim against your own insurance company and have them pay for damages and then have them go after the person who caused the accident (their insurance first). This way you get your car fixed right of way without need to wait. Or You can wait until the other insurance company makes a move and then have them fix your car and not involving your insurance company.

I hope this helps,
Good Luck

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