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Claims for bodily injury

by Gina

I was recently involved in an accident with a person driving a motorized scooter (EPMD). He did not complain of injuries at the time of the accident, and I don't believe he has claimed any(it's been five months).

I was getting an ins. quote and they pulled up my driving record which is showing an at-fault accident with bodily injury. Do insurance companies keep open a claim for a certain length of time just in case the other party claims bodily injury later on?

I was charged with two points on my DMV record b/c it is showing an open claim for bodily injury. I live in California. Thanks for your help.


Hello Gina,

Well, a bodily injury can be made for up two 2 years! If the person went to get check at all, then that is a bodily injury exposure (an injury claim).

I would give them a call and make sure whether or not this is an injury claim or any injury payments for medical bills or medications were made under your policy.

Sounds like this was a very simply accident, so 5 months later they really must be able to tell you why this is open.

Also, double check that the claim is actually closed, sometimes the system keeps them open and it dings your DMV record. It might be a matter of clicking a bottom. If the claim is still open, ask why?

Try to clarify this with your claim adjuster and make sure they fix the record to show as a closed and no injury claim so the points are taken out.

I hope this helps.

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