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Claims on totalled vehicles

by Hannah

I have a vehicle that is titled and registered in the state of NC. I am travelling in CA, and have been for the last few months.

I was in a single vehicle accident, and the damages totalled my vehicle.

My insurance company does not want to use CA retail values to value the vehicle because the car is titled to NC, but I will have to purchase a vehicle in CA, so I may return to NC. Do I have the right to demand that the insurance company use CA retail values?


Hi Hanna,

This is an interesting question. It just amazes me what insurance companies will try.

Your probably have a NC policy, but that is ok. The key here is "where was the accident?" Was it in NC or CA? If the accident was in NC, then you are probably going to have to take the NC values.

If the accident was in CA you can fight that the accident goes by local law (therefore, you have to take CA values). In both scenarios, you can claim that your local market is where you live. Are you living in CA permanently? If you are, then have to take the CA value. If you are not, you are technically only visiting (or temporary there), which makes your local market back NC.

It hard to be able to give you a straight answer. It depends on where the accident happened and whether or not you moved to California or you are planning to go back to NC.

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Good Luck,

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