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Collected twice for same damage |What to do?

by Chris

I was hit in the back bumper while backing out of a space. their insurance paid for the damage. I pocketed the money and didn't fix it.

Three weeks later I got rear ended and claimed my back bumper damage to this accident insurance. Most but not all the damage was pre-existing. I have been paid for both accidents.

Now the 2nd insurance is saying they found out about the first accident and feel they paid me for something I was already paid for before.

What do I do?

Answer to: Collected twice for same damage |What to do?

Hello Chris,

Well yeah. The second insurance company is correct. You had a bad bumper before the accident. They need to put you back on the same position you were prior the accident, with a bad bumper.

They only owe you if they made it worse, which in the case of a bumper, sometimes the first collision needs to put a new bumper in, so that argument may not work.

At any rate, you want to talk to them and you may owe them money back. You want to attribute as much as you can to the second impact.

Good Luck
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