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Collision vs Comprehensive | Disagree with Adjsuter's take

We were hit by a flying object (namely a retread from a transport truck while traveling in the passing lane on an interstate highway in the U.S. at the published speed limit of 80 miles per hour -- was unable to avoid it.

My insurance company says this is a collision and therefore will go against my record with them. Should this not be considered a comprehensive claim ?



WOW, this is a new one.

Okay, here is the background on this:

Adjuster that are "beginning" their insurance carrier start with this type of claim. Many times they do not understand or have not been trained correctly on how to qualify a loss. What I am telling you here is that you may need to talk to a supervisor or someone to confirm that this is the case.

Most of the time (by that I mean 99% of the time), a flying object is a comprehensive claim. Please see comprehensive coverage.

However, you really need to look at the definitions of coverage in your auto policy.

Read both sections (collision coverage), and decide which one fits in best. If it is ambiguous or if it fits both, then insurance company must do what is in your best interest. Most likely, it you fit comprehensive better.

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