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Coming out of parallel parking

I done with my shopping and trying to come out from a parallel parking. I put on the signal light to indicate i wanted out, looked into both rear-view mirror and side view mirror. I even turned my head to make sure there was no moving vehicles coming straight. Then i turn my steering and press my gas. A second later, BANG... a motorcycle hit my car(right side rear door). I'm sure that there was no vehicles coming before i moved out from the parking but it was weird that the motorcycle came out from nowhere and hit my car. The motorcyclist was fine and didn't suffer any injuries and so was i.

Statement from the motorcyclist: He didn't notice my car and not sure if i had signal light on( but i am sure i did) and my car just came out all of the sudden and he can't make it in time(break)and hit my car. He claimed that he was driving straight and he has the privilege and i should let him move first.

My statement: I know he should move first if he was driving straight but the the problem is i am sure I didn't see any moving vehicles behind me before i move my car. In my opinion, He just came out of nowhere!!(but he said he was behind me and i didn't look properly. He said if i did(make sure that the road was clear, then there will not be any collision at all! But now the collision happened means that i didn't look careful enough.

So, the problem now is: whose fault is that? Am i at loss?

Thanks for any opinions!


Hello Aretha,

Well, you have two issues here. Actually three.

1. He is in a motorcycle… which means that a jury would probably feel bad for the person who is likely to get more injured.

2. Motorcycles do not come out of "nowhere." As you know, these are big objects and they do not appear out of the vortex. He was there, and at least, he was within close proximity as evidenced by the collision.

3. You are backing in a parking lot. Parking lot accidents are difficult as parties must look out before exiting a stall. If he is driving down the aisle, he was the right of way. The vehicle backing likely has to wait and yield the right of way (even if the motorcycle is "speeding".

These at least means that you will have some negligence about the accident, if not the majority.

Thank you.

Good Luck,
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