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Company denied claim due to driver not on policy..

by Daniel
(Baytown, Tx.)

I was rear ended in my vehicle and the driver that hit me was not the owner of the vehicle and or the insurance policy holder.

The policy holders insurance company called wanting me to take the vehicle in for inspection for the accident investigation purposes and in that conversation the company rep, in so many words, let me know that he was 90% sure that his company was going to deny the claim due to the driver that hit me not being an authorized driver on the owners policy.

I asked if bringing it in for inspection, like they requested, would make a difference after he said what he said and he politely let me know that it would not and I can use my own judgment on that one.

What do I do? Call my insurance company and let them hash it out? If they deny it and I call my company, does it make my insurance risk go up?



Hello Daniel,

You probably want to get your insurance up to speed on this. Yeah, it will probably put a ding on your record, but it will not be as substantial as you think.

You pay insurance for a reason, this is it!

Your insurance company will have to step up and see if there is coverage from other insurance or from somewhere else. Even the person that hit you (not the owner) might have something policy somewhere.

Should you file?

Well, if your deductible is low and the damage is high, you should consider it.

If your deductible is high and the damage is low, then you should really think if it is worth taking the increase risk.

Here is an article about that:

Good Luck

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