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Comprehensive claim limits of lien holder

I have a semi truck that was involved in a single vehicle crash and is a total loss the ins co has agreed to pay the full amount minus the ded. The lien holder has a 5,600.00 payoff on truck they are also the company I contract to.

I am the insured I pay the premiums the amount of the policy is for 13,000.00 the lien holder has sent the ins co a statement that 12,000.00 is the amount needed to release the title.

They want the whole amount sent to them so they can then disburse money to me.

The ins co wants to send me the amount left after payoff the lien holder is giving false numbers to the ins co any advice?



Wow, you need to get an attorney. They are giving false information, then you may want to get a lawyer to represent this. There is simply too much at stake.

Good Luck,
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