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Confused by Insurance Claim | Help

by Kim

I was the driver and was injured in a car accident and I don't know if I should retain a lawyer or not.

I did not go to the ER, I went to my family doctor the next day. He took xrays and said my foot was severely bruised. After 2 weeks of pain I finally went to a foot surgeon on my own. After more Xrays and MRI's was diagnosed with ruptured sesamoid tendon which is very rare.

Surgeon said the only way to fix this was surgery. I had the surgery and am at home recovering. I am unable to drive or work as it is my right foot.

All the medical bills have been covered by my own medical insurance. My car insurance paid to have my car fixed. I am currently out of pocket expenses are $1300 for deductibles and prescriptions. I have received letters from both my insurance and the other parties insurance asking me to send documentation for medical bills.

The only receipts I have are for the deductibles, I havent received any detailed documents. My questions are how do I obtain the medical documents and who do I turn them in to.

The other driver was clearly at fault. Apparently my medical insurance doesn't realize this was an auto accident because they have paid all of the bills so far, except the surgery bill which hasn't come through yet.

I called my medical ins co and asked if I had to pre-certify the surgery but they said no.

Loss of wages may or may not be a problem as I don't know how long I will be non-weight bearing. I am currently using my Paid time off at work.

The other parties ins has give me a deadline of 30 days to turn is any personal injury claims. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Kim,

I am sorry for the delay. You can handle your own claim as long as you are willing to learn and invest a little on learning the process.

If you have time, you can save a lot of money by learning how to negotiate you claim. If you do not have time, then a lawyer can help you.

To learn how to make injury claims and what you can expect, visit:

This question is hard to answer because we are not sure whether or not your injury is permanent (i.e. will you recover 100% as you were before the accident)?

This can affect many things. You definitely want to double check your policy and see what medical coverages you have.

The insurance company (auto policy) should pay for your surgery if you have PIP or Medical Coverage payments. However, these coverages usually are low ($5,000 or so).

This can leave you making payments out of pocket.

Double check to see how much or your bills have been so far (the health insurance might ask the auto insurance for payment once they find out the injury is related to a car accident).
I hope this help some

Good Luck,

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