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Consequenses from a car accident?

by Raymond
(Granada Hills , California)

I was recently in a car accident I crashed into another car, the other persons car didn't get damaged but a few scratches on the bumper meanwhile my car was really damaged.

Now this other person didn't call the cops she simply wrote down all my information. I have my license and insurance but I'm on probation. and its been 2 days later and now she's saying she wants to take me to court.

Will I be getting locked up and what are the consequences?


Hello Raymond,

You will only be locked up if you are not supposed to be driving. Contact your attorney and your parole officer and explain. If this is a "normal" incident where there is no indication of alcohol, drugs, and/or guns, you should be okay. Do contact your lawyer.

You also want to have your insurance company no board. Simply because you are on parole, it does not mean that you are going to jail for this.

Good Luck,
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