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County Road accident, I signed documents, but they are unfair

by Melanie
(Andalusia, AL USA)

If I were involved in a county rd. collision, no ticket, no fault, no injury, both cars drove away..and that was the 1st mva ive ever been in in 47 years, the other 20 yr old boy was speeding very fast down a hill & did not go around me;

The man who fixed his car (lives right across the street & is a good friend) said it was only bumper damage.

Me, not knowing, was in between Geico & So United, none at time; and Alfa Ins forced me to sign agreement to pay back for a "totalled" vehicle that clearly was not totalled.

This was Oct. 2007, I've been paying monthly ever since.

Is this legal and is there a statute of limitations in Alabama?


Hello Melanie,

You will have to contact the Alabama insurance commissioner. They will tell you what your statute of limitation is. If you signed an agreement, then you have agreed to that price (the car is a total).

You say that they “forced” you. Are you arguing that this was illegal? They used cohersion or duress to get you to sign? If this is the case, you need a lawyer to help you with that.

You are better off here talking to a local attorney and asking for help. Most lawyers do not charge for the first consultation and this can questions need to be answered by a local attorney.

Good Luck,

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