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Coverage for my son

by KC

My question is about liability coverage for my son who is age 19 and lives at home while he is going to college. We are currently providing his support. We are in the process of getting his car insured.

If he is the sole legal owner of his car yet lives in our home with us providing his support, how can I protect myself and my assets from any liability caused by an at-fault accident on his part in his car? Since he is a resident/relative he will be named on our policy (since from time to time he will drive one of our cars) but I want him to be covered on his own so to speak when he is in his own car.

The idea is that he will be paying for his own insurance so he wants to keep the cost down by lowering his liability coverage, yet I want to protect my assets from any claims that might arise from an accident he is involved in while driving his car. Does he need his own policy or can he be added onto our current policy yet still leave me protected if he has lower levels of coverage?


Hello KC,

Your son needs to purchase his own independent policy. If you provide coverage under your policy you could extending coverages under your own policy (and above and beyond) for any accidents he commits.

Usually purchasing a one person policy is expensive (19 year old males, not the best rates), so people try to ad them to their existing policy. This is ok, but you are responsible for his actions.

Consult with your agent and see what is the best way to go on this one. But if you are together in the policy, then you are indirectly insuring him.

Good Luck,

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