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Coverage for teen driver

by Alan

Our son is 15, and after passing drivers ed, was qualified to get a school
permit which would allow him to drive by himself to school. He did end up
obtaining the school permit, but he has never driven to school mainly
because we have no vehicle available for his use.

Now our insurance
company has found out that he has a school permit and says he should be
added to our policy which would more than double our premium. Can they
force us to add him even though he will not actually be driving ? If it's up to

us (we live in Iowa) I will not add him because we know he won't be using the

school permit.


Hello Alan,

No they cannot force you. Some insurance agents will put pressure on you to list him a driver because it could raise your premium. However, there are good reasons to list him, and that is: If he does get in the vehicle and causes an accident (driving), the fact that you did not list him could exclude him from coverage (there is an exclusion that takes away coverage from people that have access to your auto for regular and available use).

If you know as a fact that he will not be driving, then you are not required to list him. If they tell you that he must be listed, you can ask your agent to write him as an excluded driver. You can have him specifically excluded from the policy until you are ready to allow him to drive. This will keep your rates where they are.

You should check some other options for insurance. Your agent should not be putting pressure on you, but must explain what I just explain to you. It is a good idea to get a couple of quotes somewhere else, with your son listed and without listing him at all. A quote will take you 5 minutes and you will find out if you can either reduce your rates or add him for not that much ($2 per month). Try this site for quotes and see what comes back, you might be surprise that might be adding him will save you money (multi driver discount).

Good Luck,

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