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cracked fram

by Keri

I was recently in an accident and my truck has sustained frame damage. The tires are no longer in line with each other and more importantly a crack in the frame is visible. Would this make my truck totaled or is this fixable?


Well, a total loss occurs when the value to fix the damage is more than the 70, 80 or 90% value of your truck (depends on the insurance company).

However, you do have some "safety" issues to be worry about. We do not believe the vehicle can be put together the same way as you had it, but it is very hard to make that assessment without looking at it (and having a qualify mechanic do the job).

You can try to document a total loss (we have a section on total losses). You can also argue diminish value of the truck (depending if you are dealing with your own insurance company or someone else's.

If for whatever reason the vehicle is not a total loss. Then request that the bodyshop and the insurance company give you a letter of guarantee in all the repairs and damages to your truck. Make sure that the insurance company's name is right on the letter.

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Dec 30, 2007
I agree
by: Casey

Have the insurance company document that they are giving you 100% assurances that the truck will be put back together the way you have it.

This usually push them to total the truck.

Hopefully this helps.

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