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Crippled and seeking policy limits

by D Mac

I was standing near my car in the parking lot after a birthday party. A drunk driver hit me and pinned me in between his car and mine.

He had to back up to release me. I was taken to the emergency while he was taken to jail for DWI. I had to have an ankle replacement surgery.

The insurance is offering me $4K for my car even the the blue book is $6600 due to the fact they said cars in my area are selling for that price. I have also been offered the policy limit $30K, but am concerned that if I sign off there will be additional bills and I won't be able to sue the driver for additional compensation.

Can I go to the prosecutor and ask for restitution in addition to the policy limits?

Can I get the policy limits without signing a waiver not to sue him?


Hello D Mac,

Wow, you need a lawyer! You need to talk to an attorney right now. There may be a lot of money on the table against the driver, the owner of the car, maybe even the place that the guy got drunk at. YOU MUST TALK TO A LAWYER BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING!

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Good Luck,
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