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Damaged car gets repaired but still has issues

My husband and I had two vehicles parked in front of house when a lady hit both of them. One was totaled (too old) and the other had rear end damages of $9000 not mentioning them stretching the unibody frame cutting and welding in a new hard bumper under the cover on our 2010 Volkswagon.

My question to you is that since we got our car back from being repaired we have had several problems with the trunk lid closing and seems to have gotten worse since February. We had the repairs done through the third party and the body shop of our choice has been closed due to the economy.

Where can we go from here? What is acceptable at this point or what should we expect? Are we out because the body shop we took the car to has closed its doors? The car will never be 100% again, HELP



Gosh… well, this is a harder situation. The insurance company will likely tell you that going to the bodyshop of your choice is your fault. If you chose them, them it is your responsibility if they did not fix the vehicle correctly.

However, it can be argue that the person that hit you and the body shop are jointly and severally liable. This means that there is a possibility that you can bypass the bodyshop and have then insurance repair your vehicle. The insurance company will have to go after the bodyshop if they chose to recover over the un proper repairs.

Talk to a local attorney. They can help you find coverage.

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