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Damages | Three car collision, no insurance, do I have to pay?

by Lynell
(Sterling Heights, Mi)

I was involved in an auto accident and I don't have insurance.

I was rearened by a van that in-turn ran me into another vehicle. The driver of the van admitted fault, but will his company be liable to pay for my vehicle?

I know I am liable for the damages to the car I hit, But is the car that hit me liable?


Hello Lynell,

You are NOT liable for the vehicle you hit if you were pushed into that car. If you are ran into another car, then you are not liable for that. The vehicle that "sets" the chain reaction will likely owe 100% of damages to everyone.

The fact that you do not have insurance could bar your recovery (you get no money), but it cannot make you liable to others (you have to pay money). This depends solely on how your state handles this. Contact the department of insurance and see what they tell you.

Also contact a local lawyer.

please see:

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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