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Damages to car for flooding?

by Girish
(Houston texas , USA )

What can be all the damages - in car where water has entered in the engine and also little bit in back side of car seats? The car is Toyota Camary 1998 make.

My car engine has got water inside hood & also little bit of water inside the back part of seats on carpet only.

I am not very experienced in knowing that - what all the damages may occur to my car. As Adjuster will ask the shop - where I got my car towed near my apt.

I was reading your artcle about tear down & really it was eye opener for my kind of people in the area that what looks on surface might not be all ; there can be further damaged to car.

Say electronic circuitry might have got damaged - same way other parts then motor which garage person is having only doubt on.

Can you please lsit all the thing that should be think & listed before proceeding for further repair. Advance thanks so much for that.


Houston Texas


Hello Girish,

Well, your big issues really will be electric. You can have damages to the computer of your car (which usually is on the floor of the front passenger side). These damages can be expensive. The other damage that can give you some trouble later on is damage to your paint, rugs, padding, etc.).

Some of the carpets will start to smell and the wetness could cause rust and damage to the actual sheet metal of the car. Paint might bubble up later on and then create damages to the paint. It is very had to decide how much damage without knowing how long the car was under water. You also must be careful the car title does not get branded as “flooded.”

Ask for a tear down, which you already read about but that would be a great way to go.

I hope this helps some.

Good Luck

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