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demand letter for medical

by art

I was in an accident awhile ago and have recently finished treating with a chiropractor and a Dr. the car was totaled.

I kept the car and fixed it. The other driver of the car who hit me was sited. His insurance company paid for the totaled car. The car is now getting a rebuilt vehicle title. It had a salvage title.

Any suggestions on how the demand letter should be written? I still have pain and discomfort. The dr. said that the pain might be permanent or resolve itself after several months. I would like the third party insurance company to pay the medical bills and then wait for a while to negotiate the pain and suffering damages to see if the pain resolves itself. Thanks for your answer.

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Dec 13, 2007
by: Hector

Hi Art, the demand letter template and instructions is our next project. We will get to that next (writing over 300 pages has not been easy!). Right now we do not have anything that we can give you to follow. However, here are some tips.

A demand letter is only effective when you are ready to settle. If you are still waiting to see about pain and suffering, then you need to wait until everything is resolve. Insurance companies will try to get a structured settlement of some kind to get you to settle your claim today. They can offer you a plan where they put money into an interest bearing account, and you can only touch that money for medical expenses related to the accident. If you do not use the money in say (6 months) then the money goes back TO THE INSURANCE company, that way you get future medical payments covered only if you need them.

Sometimes options like the one above are very helpful, but in most soft tissue injuries it is not. You can wait until you feel better but don’t wait too long or the statute of limitation will pass and you will lose your rights.

If you do want to still write a letter, you need to outline the accident facts, the injury, and a calculation of your damages. Visit for more information.

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