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Denied claim because weak evidence

by Donna
(North Carolina)

My son purchased a motorcycle at the end of February. Two weeks later it was stolen. My son borrowed money from my parents to replace the vehicle until the claim was settled. Today, the insurance investigator said they were denying the claim due to false claims by my son.

She stated she had contacted the former owner and had a statement from him saying my son called him and said he blew up the bike and wanted him to buy it back. Totally ridiculous. If he borrowed enough to replace the vehicle, why would he not have only borrowed enough to repair the bike if it was blown up, wouldn't have been nearly as much money and could have had it fixed probably within a week.

The investigator did not ask for any statements from us saying anyone saw him riding the bike the day it was stolen, in order to refute the statement by the seller. My neighbor said she was willing to give a statement that she saw him riding it that day, also several other of my son friends saw him riding the bike that day.

She asked who was with him when he found the bike was gone, yet she never contacted his witness. Any suggestions on how to appeal based on this information? Thank you.



You need to contact and attorney and file with the department of insurance of your state. If the decision is incorrect and not based in weak evidence and paperwork, the insurance company must advocate for the insured and unless there are solid conflicting evidence, they must document the claim very well before it is denied.

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