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Denied Claim | Insurance arguing fraud

I went to the car wash and when the car came out the sun roof windows were open. I left the car wash and the windows began to go down by themselves. I got home the alarm prevented it to start.

Allstate stated that they reviewed the tape and did not see the "windows" down. I never stated it was the windows but the sun roof!

They denied my claim and stated in so many words that it was fraudulent!

This has me worried! Do I need a lawyer?

Retiled: Denied Claim | Insurance arguing fraud


Well, one thing is to deny a claim and another is to claim that it is fraudulent. However, what is the deal with the windows being up or down? Your car should be covered either way. Why is this making a difference on coverage (this should be comprehensive claim), correct?

So this lead us to believe that All State is denied claim because of fraud. Remember that fraud is not a simple misunderstanding. There must more there. If you think this happen one way but it did not, it does not equate to fraud.

Ask to see the video and tapes and review them yourself. Make sure you see what really is going on, you might find that is really not clear if the windows were up or down. Also request a copy of your recorded statement to review exactly what you said. You might not have said anything about they windows but the sun roof.

If the insurance company gives you the run around, get an attorney.

Good Luck,

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