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Denied insurance claim | Help

by Vasco
(boston, mass)

I have been involved in auto accident. I got hit by another vehicle coming off ex-way. we both happened to have same insurance company.

When the police came to the scene they only took info from him.

Now they believe his side of the story. I have option 3 on my policy and they fault me and denied my claim and liability.

Due to the accident my wife and I are both suffering injury.

I had green light and I'm not at fault. Can I take travelers Insurance to the court and sue them?


Hello Vasco,

Well, your claim against your own insurance company is different from a claim against the people who hit you (one is a breach of contract claim, possible bad faith, and the other is a personal injury claim).

Your claim should have been split or divided by Traveler’s into two different claims (with different adjusters), one adjuster for you and one adjuster for the other side. They will both have to do an investigation and each adjuster will have to come to an assessment of fault. Both adjusters will have to believe their own client and the would have to go to inter company arbitration to decide.

If the process they followed was not similar to the one outlined here, the you need to request your own adjuster. You will also have to talk to a lawyer for your possibilities to take the insurance company to court and to take the party that hit you also.

Good Luck,

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