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Disclose Amount of Property Damage

by Sandra

Disclose Amount of Property Damage

I rear ended another car at a light. The amount of damage to my car was only $16 over my 500 deductible so I told my insurance company I would cover the entire cost.

I've heard from others that the insurance company will not disclose how much in property damage was paid to the other party. Are they not required by law to disclose the amount? Why?


Your insurance company has a duty of full faith and full disclosure. First party insureds are owed a fiduciary duty (a duty of the finest loyalty), some states do not have that specific language, but they are all uniform about full disclosure.

Your insurance policy is an asset (among other things). It is an asset that people seek once you are liable for a car accident. Just like any other asset (a bank account), you need to know exactly why some is sticking their hands in it.

Since you were told this (by someone), we do not think the insurance company has declined to give you this information.

Sometimes they do not know how long this takes because sometimes fixing a car and rental payments take some times to get all issued.

Once they know the exact number, they can give it to you. If they do not, you can write a certify letter requesting the full amount that was paid under your liability coverage, (Certified letter). If they declined, the send a copy to the department of insurance.

At that point they will release the information to you.

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