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Do I get anything, only have Liability

by Elaine
(Danville, Ky USA)

I was hit by a telephone company driver. I was exiting the applebee's resturant from the curbside pick was on my birthday.

When i pulled out to cross the street, here come this van, traveling about 25-30 miles per hour, he didn't even try to break, if he had he could have stopped, and no hit me, anyhow he hit me in the driver's side door, didn't hurt my 2000 taurus motor at all, but ha dto pay $100.00 tow charge.

This is not fair, i only had liability, which was paid up. I have not heard anything from the company, i think that i will sue. What do you think??


Hello Elaine,

If you are not liable at all (you were already completely out of the parking lot and you were established in your lane of travel) then you are owed for all the damages caused, including the tow bill.

Don’t allow for that. They will bully into thinking that you owe this. Clearly, this is not fair.

You can sue, but going to small claims court can be difficult. Please see:

Good Luck,

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