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Do I have to accept after market parts on my car just because it is not new.

I asked not to have after market parts put on my car because of a problem in the past with these parts. I was told if they could not find OEM parts they would have to put them on. They put three different after market parts on my car when it was repaired. I have had problems with all three. The condenser was one of the problems and is still not working. I called the auto co. where I purchased my car and they said the OEM part is available. What can I do.


It is going to depend on the age of your vehicle. Legally speaking, the insurance company owes you for what you had. You had older parts on your car, but you had older original parts. You can argue that since the company is giving you issues with that.

Insurance companies tend to get away with stuff like this all the time. If you are enough of a pain, they may listen and help you.

You can also file a complaint with the department of insurance and/or office of the insurance commissioner.

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