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Do I have to pay for the accident I caused?

I was leaving my friend's house and backed into someone's car. There is a dent in their bumper from my trailer hitch. DO I call my insurance? Wll I have to pay a deductible?

People have been telling me something about "paved property" and how some people just have to fix their OWN cars, is that right? Would I not be liable for the other persons car?


Unless you are in a no fault state, you have to pay for the damages you caused. Even in no fault states, you may have to pay for the damages you caused if they are strictly property damage. No difference regarding paved property. You cause the accident. It is your negligence that caused damages to the other vehicle, you must pay for it.

Your insurance company will provide coverage for the damage to the other car under the liability section of your policy. This coverage is not subject to a deductible (unless you have a commercial policy).

The damages to your hitch, if any, will be covered under the Collision section of your policy. Those damages are often subject to deductibles. Since the other party (the owner of the car you hit) can come after you, getting your insurance company on board is a good idea.

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