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Do I have to provide proof of repair

by Ricko Donovan
(Nashville, TN USA)

Almost a year ago, I ran into a hail storm in Texas. I filed a claim. A settlement check was cut to me. Then last week, my agent telephoned me and stated that the underwriter wants photos of the repaired vehicle.

What's going on here? I thought the claim was settled with issuance of the check? I've asked my mechanic and he says this is the first he's heard of such a request.

Is the claimant required to have all the damages repaired after check issuance?


Hello Ricko,

You are not required to show that you fixed the car however, underwriting can make inquiries on or if the car was actually fixed. What they do not want is to pay for a claim twice. You could claim that hail came in a second storm and damaged the vehicle again. Since the insurance company does not know if you fixed the car, they might have to pay you as if this was the first claim.

Underwriting simply wants to know if this occurs again, what kind of risk they are insuring. If they have to fix your Truck back to new, your premium might be more than if the truck was not fixed.

This is an uncommon request, but underwriting has the right to evaluate risk before charging a premium. If you got the car fixed, you might be able to tell them where so they can double check. If the insurance company is very pushy and you do not like the way this is going, get a quote from other carriers. This can help you leverage a better deal. Who knows, you might even end up with a lower premium. A good place to do that at is:

Good Luck

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