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Does other person insurance pay for my car

by Jeronda

My daughter was in the left lane on a two lane road and a car in the right lane turned into the side of my car. I only have ca Liability coverage.

My insurance is ensurance and I know it will not pay for my car damage. I had to go get the police report $40.00 and send copy to both insurance company's.but will the other person insurance pay to repair my car? The police report said the other car was at fault and the driver said it was her fault, my insurance company told me they wont help me its up to me to try to get my car repaired by the other drivers insurance.

I've never had wreck on my insurance and have a good driving record. It was my daughter driving, so my car was towed on DEC 13 and I didn't have the money to get it moved and couldn't get information from my insurance on what had to be done till the other insurance told me to have it towed to a repair shop and they would pay the towing bill and storage.

this was on DEC company wants to talk to my daughter and record it. my daughter says they have the police report and she raid that you should newer talk to the other persons insurance company only to your own, but my insurance told me to. and they keep asking me about my Liability coverage. They want to know about my insurance paying for the storage of my car and paying for my car.

I don't thank him going to get help. I bought my 2000 Hyundai Tiburon brand new in 2000 when I first became injured on my job and had to travel so far to the DR. I needed a reliable car to go to my DR. app. Its an hour drive to my DR. every two months. If I don't make it to those app I will lose my income.

I'm on ssi disabled and don't receive much money now. So when my car was paid off I got just Liability coverage because it was cheaper. I need this car. Will the other insurance pay the bill for fixing my car and the towing and storage and reimburse me for the police report $40.00?

I'm stranded and need to go to the drug store for my pills and have a DR. app. coming soon and cant go because I don't have a car. Will they give me a rental car also?


Hello Jeronda,

I am sorry to hear about the accident and the damages to your car. You have to help the insurance company in the investigation to ensure the claim moves forward and you get your damages pay for. Some insurance companies will not pay unless they have a statement from the driver (your daughter).

Some insurance companies will delay and not pay until they have this. I caution you against this. To read more about recorded statements, please visit:

If the police report is clear about who is at fault and the other party admits to fault (they came into your lane), then you could lower your guard a little. But if they are not clear about who is at fault, then you have to protect your interest. Your insurance company should be contacted and know everything that is going on. They will have to defend you (your daughter) should you be blame for the damages.

Will the insurance company reimburse for the $40, do ask for it and fax a copy of the receipt shown that you paid. They should pay for this.

Once they determine who is at fault and accept liability, they will have to pay for your towing, rental car (if you actually rented a car and only for the days the car will take to get repair). It is unlikely that they pay your for pain and/or suffering or for the fact that you could not get to the doctor or the store.

I hope this helps some,

Good Luck,

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