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Double whammy | hit twice on the same spot by different drivers

by Marcos

My car was hit while parked in early February by a car that was sliding on ice while parked. The driver left their name and insurance info on my windshield.

A claim was filed and the insurance company issued a check to me to pay for the damages. The day before my vehicle was to go in the shop, another car hit my vehicle again while parked.

This time, they left no information and caused a significant amount of damage in addition to the damage already done by the previous accident.

I now must file a claim through my insurance company which is different from the other insurance company. The damage on the car from the second accident is in the exact same spot as the previous damage but much worse than it previously was.

How do I go about reporting this because it is now impossible to differentiate the damage caused in each accident? I could really use some advice regarding this issue.


Hello Marcos,

Well, is it really impossible? If the insurance company (the first insurance company) gave you a check, they estimated the damage (before it was hit the second time). Your insurance company will likely contact the other insurance company and see what kind of estimate or estimation of damages was done.

The second hit will be the excess between the first estimation and the second.

Contact your insurance company and be sure to tell them what happened. A good adjuster should be able to handle this situation without much of a problem.

Good Luck,
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Jul 12, 2012
rear ended 2x by different drivers and insurance company
by: Amy

I was rear ended in June and is schedule to get my car fixed on 7/23/2012 (the 1st insurance company have issued a check to me). Now, I got rear ended again on 7/10/2012. Both accidents resulted in damage to the bumper and to about the same area (visually does not appear to be severe).

I have just received approval for the claim with the 2nd incident (2 different insurance companies). My question is, is it necessary to tell each insurance company that there was an additional accident? What happens if I don’t tell?


Amy, if they ask you, you have to be honest. Not telling them could entangle you in a fraud defense and it could affect your insurance rating (premiums and if you get insurance in the future). Being upfront is always the same policy.


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