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DUI and coverage

by Lee

My 20 year old nephew just got a DUI in the state of Arkansas. He is insured with USAA.

Does he have an obligation to report the incident to his insurance company?

If he does not, can they deny coverage if he gets into an accident later and they find out about the DUI? Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello Lee,

You have a duty to report losses if you are seeking coverage for that specific claim. If you nephew caused damages to someone else or the damage to his car is to great, then you are probably going to have to file (in case someone is out there to sue him). If there is no possibility of a lawsuit, the you can just pay out of pocket and call it good.

Once you have insurance, you do not have to report DUI, tickets, accidents (unless you want coverage) until you are seeking new coverage under a new policy, at that point you have to file an insurance application in which case you have to be truthful and disclose all the DUI.

Other than that, you do not have to disclose.

Good Luck,

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