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Dump truck accident | Insurance rates going high!

by Karen

my husband had an insurance claim on his dump truck that was not related to a ticket but a non-fault accident that wasnt issued any citations for either. the bed of the dump truck flipped over because of soft ground underneath a back tire.

He had full coverage and was able to fully repair the dump truck. but now they are raising our rates by thousands of dollars a year. around 4000.00.

he hasnt had any accidents or tickets just flipped over bed on the side of the road. but nothing was issued from police on that either. i am looking around for a better price. do i have to be forthcoming about the previous claim with the flipped over dump truck if it isnt on his driving record?

We have called a few places and told them what happened and the rates were very high also. we pay about 8000.00 a year for insurance and its disheartening to realize that since we had to use it that we are being so heavily penalized for it, especially since it wasnt due to any negligence or action on his part.

We are in louisiana , times are tough and deisel is high. if you can let me know something i would be so thankful.


Hello Karen,

I am very sorry to hear the situation. Two things you can do. You can go through an insurance broker to see what the best deal is for you (a kind of bidding for your business). I would submit a quote to: They will send you quotes form several different carries. See who is the cheapest.

The next thing is to make sure your record is clear of any fault at all. You can go to the Louisiana DMV an request a copy of your traffic record. Also, make sure that your husband does the same.
Remember, the DMV record is different from the “insurance record.”

Contact your insurance company (the adjuster that handled the claim) and tell them the situation. Double check that they did not mark you “at fault.” Also request your insurance record from “Choice Point” or the central system insurance companies use to see who was at fault for what.

Do explain that you are shopping for insurance but everyone is saying that your insurance is too high due to the accident. They need to straighten it out.

If the insurance company is unable to provide you the Choice Point or similar report, then it is your right to ask the claim adjuster to send a letter to you in which they explain that you were not at fault for the accident. Make sure they do this. It is not an option but they do it often.

Take this letter to an insurance broker or agent and show them that you are not at fault. Many of them can “adjust” the risk factor and lower your rates.

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