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Estimate of Damage not provided | total loss bad offer

by Mike

I asked for a copy of the estimate of damage report and the insurance guy said he did not have to disclose this to me.

He also does not have a Comp report and told me what the Value of my vehicle. All he said he had was a NADA copy.

The price he quoted me is ridiculous. I explained he needed to do a Comp report and give me a copy. He said he did one for the south east, which I said where is that Flordia and I live in NC.

He said he would do this at a 100 mile area.(Supposed to be 30 - 50 miles)

They are trying to rip me off....The things I have heard him say are ridiculous. He told me the Value of my vehicle and then asks me how many miles on the vehicle......

I`m sorry for ranting but I feel very lonely in trying to resolve a situation I know nothing about except what I have read on your site.

Thank you for the information.. Anything else I need to know that.s not on your site?

Thanks Mike


Hello Mike,

You are right. They are giving you a hard time. The must show you the numbers and the estimates they will use to total your car. If the cannot come up with a local market comp (comparable, make, model, options, miles, etc), then you can get yourself also some comps in Florida and fight them that way.

You have a right to see the documents used to estimate your car, and if they do not. Get an attorney or file a complaint with the office of the insurance commissioner. There must be a better and fair way to do this.

If they cannot find comps, then an independent appraiser must appraise your car. Also, make sure you are being compensated for rental expenses. If they cannot come up with a value (fair market value), you are still waiting on settlement but cannot drive. Remember, they do not want their client suit, so if you are tired of dealing with them, seek representation.

I hope this helps some. Also, see our pages on total loss here:

Good Luck

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