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Estimate on car repairs

by Linda
(Dallas, TX)

Hello, I had a minor accident on my car and my insurance did and estimate and wrote me a check but I wanted to know if they are going to charge me when i take it to get an estimate.

Can I use the same money to pay for the estimate, if it is less than the estimate my insurance gave me? Since I don't have any money at the time to take it and get an estimate.

How does the deductible work because my estimate was 1400 and they took $250 off since that is my deductible, does that mean that I don't have to pay anything out of pocket if the estimate is less?

Thanks for your help.


Hello Linda,

If your deductible is $250, that is all you have to pay for the repairs of the car. You do not have to pay for estimates, quotes, parts, paint, etc. The way this process works, is you take the estimate the insurance company gave you and give it to your bodyshop.

They will look at it and then tell you if they can do the job for that price. Usually there might be some discrepancy, and if that is the case, your mechanic should call your adjuster and they both will come to an agreement.

You will have to pay the $250 to the body shop.

For more information about estimates, please see:

Good Luck,

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