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Estimates and repairs on claim

by Mark
(Peoria AZ USA)

My wifes' new BMW was damaged in a restaurant parking lot and of course they left without taking responsibility.

In dealing with our insurance company (Colorado Casualty) they are insisting we must take the car to one of their "approved" shops for estimate/repairs.

I abided by this 4 years ago when she was in a collision (her fault) and the shop they sent us to did a horrible job and never made good on the repair and the adjuster did nothing to assist in making it right.


Hello Mark,

You do not have to go to their "approve" shop. You have a right to have your vehicle repair at a facility of your choosing.

Yes, they don't have to pay for dealer prices, however, you can find a better bodyshop that would do the work. Also, you can elect the dealer if you pay the difference out of pocket.

Contact the department of insurance of your state and file a complaint, they will back off.

Good Luck,
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