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Excluded Documents Not Provided by Carrier?

by Alicia
(Fort Lauderdale, FL)

I just purchased insurance on 9/17 in Florida. My husband and I got into an accident on 9/28. We were at fault and the insurance company is covering the other 2 cars that were hit. However I'm being told that I signed documents excluded my husband from the policy which if that is true then they would not cover my damages or any injury to the other party. Which I know I would not do since we share 1 car.

I advise the insurance company to provide the document that I signed and to date they have not provided it. The are waiting for the agent to turn in the paper showing that I did sign the exclusion form.

If the agent t cannot produce those documents what would be my rights toward this whole argument?


Hello Alicia,

It’s very hard to tell with looking at the entire documents and claim. It's likely that since you did not sign that they insurance company would have to pay for the damages. However, you could have sign something by mistake… you will argue; if that is the case, you will have an uphill battle against the carrier.

It's best you talk to a lawyer about this

Good Luck,
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