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Expired registration on damaged vehicle.

My car was broken into and attempted stolen in Detroit on Sunday. I live in Chicago and my car is (was) registered in Louisiana.

Unfortunately the would be car thief destroyed the ignition switch and steering column so I had to leave it in Detroit at the hands of my insurance company to determine the damage and coverage.

I'm worried b/c my registration on my car is expired. Can the insurance company deny me coverage based on this?

I'm really freaking out b/c if they do I'm just completely screwed. The damages will far exceed anything I can currently afford and I rely on my car (I'm a photographer with lots of equipment) to survive!

Thank you for your time!



Well, as the FAQ say, a coverage investigation needs to happen. The issue is that your car could be considered abandoned. Why is your car in Detroit? And why is it that it was registered in a different from the one you live on?

The fact that there was not an active registration will not likely exclude coverage, but it could trigger an investigation as to how you acquire the policy. Any misrepresentation in the application process could leave you without coverage.

Will they cover? Only after a detailed investigation that question can be answered.

Good Luck,
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