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Failure to yeild while turning left

I was in the turning lane with my blinker on to turn left. Traffic had stopped at the intersection so that I could turn left.

I started turning left and as I was turning, a car came flying down the street in the far right lane where there was no traffic. The man hit my truck behind the passenger door. I was charged with a failure to yield, but I yielded at the intersection. He was speeding but was not charged with speeding.

What is the Arkansas state law?



You are probably somewhat at fault, if not all. The vehicle making a left has a duty to yield. Yielding means looking and ensuring other vehicles can go by with no problems. The fact that the accident occurs shows that you did not yield, even if your argument is that you yield "back there."

Making left turns also heightens your duty to look out and pay attention. This can give you problems.

Please see:

What is the Arkansas state law?

I do not know, you need to contact an Arkansas attorney for that.

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