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Fender bender with no damage | Now being sued

by Elizabeth

I was coming around a corner in my condo development one morning while another vehicle was coming around at the same time we could not see each other and we both nicked the corner of my vehicle.

No cops showed because it was private property and no one was hurt.

The other person had no damages and said not to worry about it. I am now being sued a year in a half later for not having insurance on my car.

Is this possible if there is no proof It was my fault and I was never issued a citation?

Answer to Fender bender with no damage | Now being sued:

Hello Elizabeth,

Well, a lawsuit is only a “complaint” for damages. They still have to prove that one, you are at fault, and b that your negligence caused the damages.

It will be hard for them to prove this without police reports, witnesses, photographs, etc. They can argue it, of course, but they have their burden of showing this.

Just because you are liable, this does not mean they are not liable. You could both be partially at fault (say 50 – 50), depending on the facts of your collision.

Good Luck,
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