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Fibromyalgia from auto crash

by Angela

I am recently suffering from Fibromyalgia due to a Auto accident and Was wondering what kind of settlement this will bring. I am not interested in becoming rich I am just worried about extensive medical bills and not being able to go back to work.

I have seen several doctors who have diagnosed this, on of which is one of the leading specialist for fibromyalgia, and they all say that it is due to the crash. Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Angela


Hi Angela,

This is a very hard questions. It is very difficult to tell you anything about settlement without knowing your situation. In this type of claim, you must have an attorney. Insurance companies are very aggressive fighting this type of claim and they will probably either offer you a low settlement so you sign a disclaimer or go to trial where they can bring their experts to contradict what your doctors are saying.

I am not saying that you do not have chances of success, but what I am saying is that you do legal representation.

Remember, the insurance company is bound by their policy limits so if they have a limit of $50,000 liability, that is the most you would ever get from them (including medical bills and loss wages), you would have to go after your own uninsured motorist policy or after the person directly if they have any assets.

This is why you should contact a lawyer in your area. They know more about your local laws and how they can evaluate your claim to better estimate a settlement amount.

Please see:

Good Luck and we hope you recover,

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