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Final select service payment


My car was hit on private property, we took the car to the body shop and it was fixed from the parties insurance company.

The body shop said we were all set, the insurance company took care of everything. Then I get a check in the mail and it says for final select service payment and it’s made out to me.

What do I do? Does this check need to go to the body shop or have they been paid?



Well, you can cash and the turn payment to the bodyshop. Call the shop and make sure that this is the full amount of the payment and that you will not be short (they pay you $2,000, but the billed owed is $2,500).

This should not be the case (usually the insurance company issues payment directly on the bodyshop and you, you sign the check so the bodyshop can cash).

Other than making sure that payment is complete, you can cash and then pay for the repairs.

Good Luck

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