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Finding info on an old claim

by Angela

My son, a minor at the time, was awarded a settlement from an insurance company in TN.

This was 14 yrs ago. I'm trying to find any record of this. Would the insurance company still have record of this? How much was awarded? Who the check was written to? What type of settlement it was?


Hello Angela,

Well, you may want to check with a local TN attorney.

I will give you a “general” answer, but I am not 100% positive this applies in TN.

Most states have a requirement regarding minors and settlements. This is especially true if the settlement is of “substance” (i.e, $2,000). Those requirements do require some sort of court filing, in which case, there could be a court record.

The insurance company probably does have a record (because if they don’t, and the child is under 18, he/she may still have a claim against that insurance company).

Talk to a local attorney

Good Luck,

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