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Fire dept truck hit me and I got a ticket!

by Joe

a fire dept truck hit me while turning but the cops gave me ticket for improper passing and failure to yield at emergency vehicle.

When i pull over to let the truck pass but the truck hit me. What i can i do i don't want my insurance to go up


Hello Joe,

I am sorry to hear you are in this situation. Dealing with emergency vehicles is very hard. Most adjusters will make you “100%” at fault on the spot. Your rates will surely go up. You need to get a quote now (while the claim is pending) to see where your rates are (from several carriers).

They will give several bids from different carriers.

Make sure you argue with your insurance company. If you are not at fault, you can change that. Get the police report and see what exactly you were cited for. You can dispute the citation and argue that you were not doing anything improper.

Make sure you read your police report and understand what every code and symbol means.

Likely, the police report might put some negligence on the emergency vehicle driver. If this is the case, then your liability is less and you can probably argue that for a reduction of your rates.

Also, read your state’s traffic code, and read carefully the section that applies to “emergency vehicles.” Most statutes gives them the right of way but only if they use “DUE CARE.” If they had an accident, this is evidence that they did not exercise DUE CARE.

Read the statute and make sure your adjuster knows your are on top of your game.

To understand fault, visit:

Good Luck

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