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First Accident , whats the next step?

by Claudia
(Bakersfield, CA)

I live in Bakersfield. I was driving down the street when the car In front of me changed to the left to make a left as I was coming He just swerved back into my line and ram me really hard on my left Side.

All the left side is damage my two side doors won't open. He Admitted fault to mine and his insurance but his insurance is giving Me the run around. They are telling me that they need his statement Recorded to give me the ok to fix my car. That they can't get a
Hold of him.

Weird. I have a 1000 deductible with my insurance and Don't have that amount. I'm tired of jumping over the passenger to Get in and out its frustrating and embarrassing. Please help.


Hello Claudia,

If the police answer to the scene, then you could get the police report where it shows that a. he is the person that hit you and b. he is at fault.

This is a frustrating, yet a common scenario. Insurance must contact the driver to ensure that they do not pay for a claim they do not owe for. You would not want your insurance company pay for to a third party damages without first confirming with you.

Regarding your deductible, well that's your coverage. We advise you to go back to your agent and lower your deductible because it would be hard for you to come up with that amount should you have an accident that is your fault.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice

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