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Florida - renting an exotic auto

by Matt

If i rent an exotic car while in Florida, does my insurance cover the rental car?

Also if i am an owner operator of an exotic rental car company and i have a regular business auto insurance for the cars that are rented out and renters, can i get a personal policy to cover those cars so i can use them for personal use?


Florida is a no fault state. You have to have full coverage on your own policy before they cover any damages in Florida. However, you really need to look at your policy and talk to your agent.

Many insurance polices do cover rental vehicles, but others do not. They are specifically excluded on the policy.

The other issue is the one of the "exotic" car. Some policies will limit coverage to the type of vehicle you insured. A exotic could be more expensive to fix and therefore the insurance company will not want to take on that risk.

Regarding the other question about personal policies on your business. Yes, you can get personal use coverage as extra coverage on the existing policy. You agent can give you all the details.

Good Luck

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