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Frame repair | Progressive game is unfair!

by Rick
(Marietta OH USA)

I had a spin out and hit a guard rail and then a bridge, I bent the frame of my Toyota Tacoma in two places, both considered minor by the insurance company.

One is the right front portion behind the bumper, and the second is the left rear end is 3/4 of an inch higher then the right side. I'm concerned the metals integrity is gone from the initial bend and then the re-bend to put these parts back in place.

I believe this to be a safety issue and Progressive is saying the truck is not totaled, even though it has 13k in damage. I'm shocked they want to put this vehicle back on the road let alone leave me no alternative. I've been told resale value on a vehicle with a repaired frame is almost 40% or a vehicle with no repair.

What can I do?

I've never been threw a ordeal like this. I feel Progressive is clearly not taking safety into consideration.

They say the repair is guaranteed for life. I don't know what is the right thing to do. Really feel like Progressive is bending us over without lubrication.

Meanwhile I'm a disabled man, and the accident left me pretty sore, got some whiplash but I didn't see the doctor about it, as I had back problems before the accident. I'm certainly having more problems as this is a different part of the back. I'm confused as to what to do. I had them halt the process today, and wait till we can come to an understanding.

What suggestions, solutions do I have?

Do I have any alternatives?

If I take this to court over the safety issues, what chances of winning would I have? What cost will be involved to take a company like Progressive to court?

I realize that exact amounts are impossible, but a ball park figure to give me an idea of the costs to me. I get the idea I'm going to get shafted. Lose, lose situation for us.


Hello Rick,

Well, you might have a diminished value claim. It depends on your state and what the policy says. See more here:

This is a rather complicated situation and you really need to talk to a lawyer. There are consumer protection laws that could help you, but again, that is far outside the scope of this website. Please see:

In the alternative, you can push the envelope to have the truck declare a total loss, please see:

Good Luck,

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